The first step in our migration to multi-tenancy is to introduce the core infrastructure that will enable us to have separate silos for each of our monolith environments. Our initial single-tenant simply directed traffic through an ALB that routed our traffic to a single stack for our one customer. However, to support multi-tenancy, we’ll now have multiple instances of our stack running and will need to put new routing infrastructure in front of these stacks to support this new model.

To introduce these new constructs, we’ll need to first launch a script that will use CloudFormation to configure the elements of this lab. Running the script will require you to navigate to the Cloud9 service in the AWS console and open the IDE for this workshop. Once the IDE is open, go to the terminal window and run the following commands:

cd /home/ec2-user/environment/saas-factory-serverless-workshop/resources

This will launch the execution of the CloudFormation script. While we wait for the stack finish building, let’s take a closer look at what it will be creating.