Modern UI

As part of moving to a multi-tenant environment, we’ve also opted to migrate our monolith solution (where all the HTML was served from the server) to a modern UI framework that is served from Amazon S3 and executes in the user’s browser. While this could be viewed as a optional step for many that are migrating, we felt it was a compelling strategy and wanted to illustrate how making a move of this nature would influence the look of your final environment. The details of the React application that we’ll deploy are mostly out of scope for this effort, but we encourage you to examine the code more carefully to understand how it interacts with the services of our environment.

For now, our goal is to simply get this new UI deployed and working so we can begin to interact with our new multi-tenant model. To simplify things, we’ve introduced some basic scripting here to copy our new client to an S3 bucket to make it accessible. To run this script, navigate to your Cloud9 environment and enter the following commands to move to the Lab 2 directory and execute the client deployment script:

cd /home/ec2-user/environment/saas-factory-serverless-workshop/resources