Tenant Onboarding

With this new multi-tenant environment, we can no longer simply sign-in to the system. As a SaaS system, we can now onboard individual tenants by having them complete the tenant registration process. This is an important critical step in thinking about your migration. With this registration process, we are essentially presenting our system to end users as a fully SaaS system. This represent a key milestone in your migration approach, enabling your old monolith to run largely un-changed while providing the foundation for migrating the underlying implementation without users being aware of the shift to a multi-tenant serverless implementation.

Let’s create our first tenant by selecting the “Sign Up” button at the top right of our application. Upon selecting this option, you’ll be presented with a form similar to the following:

Tenant Onboarding - Figure 1

Enter the name for your tenant, making sure you provide a valid email address that you can access. This page is meant to be a bit of simplified SaaS registration page, collecting common attributes that might be collected as new tenants onboard. If your organization doesn’t support direct registration, you should still have internal automated tooling that would be collected and used to trigger onboarding. Please make sure to take a note of the email address and password you are providing.